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A good, honest, and dedicated public official has been
wrongfully accused, based on the word of smugglers
who rented his boats claiming they were fishermen, to get light sentences

Here you will find information about the real and Honorable William Eliú Martinez - a man widely known for his good nature, generosity, and kindness.  There are plenty of accusations about him on the internet, while he has not been able to speak or defend himself, or bring witnesses on his behalf to trial.  Now, for the first time, here is a web site where the truth about his good nature can come out.  William is a devoted family man, with two daughters living in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador.


William Martinez spoke out in the El Salvador Legislative Assembly
against sending El Salvador troops to Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Bush Administration falsely accused him, to discourage other legislators
from opposing wars, by showing they can arrest anyone for anything, anywhere.

William owned real estate properties including a hotel, a sea side property, and a boat.
His tenants told William they were using the boat for their fishing business.
El Salvador Police caught the tenants using the boat to smuggle drugs and arrested them.
The El Salvador Police did not charge or arrest William for what his tenants had done.

The U.S. DEA was unable to persuade the El Salvador Police that William was involved.
They had to lure him to Panama, where the U.S. has arrest jurisdiction, pretending to have a
real estate deal.  There, they abducted and flew him in a U.S. Government jet to DC jail.
They cut him off from funds, communication, and ability to bring witnesses for his defense.
They offered the drug smuggling tenants light sentences to name William as the organizer.

Some of the Many Good Things that William Eliu Martinez has Done

Assembled from his family, friends, employees, fellow congressmen, and co-workers.

The Honorable William Martinez, representative and defender of the people.
Centro de Gobierno en San Salvador, El Salvador

Elected by the Good People of El Salvador

William Martinez was elected as a Deputy, the equivalent of a Congressman, by his people due to his reputation for helping people.   Someone like William who is so much in the "public eye" could not associate with drug smuggler and get elected in such a good and spiritual country as El Salvador.  The very name of the country means "The Savior" and refers to Jesus Christ.  Either the people, the Press, or his opponents running in the competitive election would have brought an improprieties to light during the election campaigns. 

Reporters search the records and internet for evidence about the lives and families of candidates leading up to the campaign.  They search and hope to find something that will help them write an interesting article.  But no investigative reporters could find anything bad about William Martinez.  He was elected by a clear majority of the people.  He was clean getting in to office, and would not jeopardize his public office, or betray the voters, by knowingly associating with anyone who would break the law.  He works hard to protect and represent the law abiding people of El Salvador.

President of the Arcense Soccer Team

He was the President of the San Salvador soccer team, called Arcense, part of the El Salvador National Football Organization. who ascended to the 1st Division in 2002.

Santa Ana Auto Shop
William has been a hard working and successful business owner

But his active and productive life started to take a turn for the worse, when he rented to the wrong people, who told him they needed to rent his boats for deep sea fishing.   

What is William Charged With?

"Conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine in the United States"

The Legal Definition of Conspiracy

"An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish an legal purpose or action."

There is no evidence of any such an agreement, or that William had knowledge of any illegal purpose or action performed by the tenants.

The headlines read: "El Salvador Congressman accused of using his influence to assist in transporting cocaine, and money laundering"  But he no record of having used drugs at any time in his life.  He has campaigned to help stop drug abuse.  No large amounts of money were found in any of his accounts.  He worked hard to make ends meet as it was.

William is an intelligent and hard working real estate developer and investor.  Around 1995, he bought an undeveloped property at a low price.  He hired a crew to remove the rotted trees and brush, filled in the holes, and smoothed out the land.  It was in a good location, and he was able to sell the land to the McDonalds Corporation to build a fast food restaurant there.   The income from this, over $500,000 enabled William to purchase other property and to campaign for public office.  Such a good businessman as William can think of plenty of ways to earn money legally.  Even so, he had to borrow money for his campaign. 

At no time during his campaign was he accused of any involvement with drugs.  If so his political competitors or the press surely would have been happy to claim so.  But try as they would, no one could find anything wrong with William.  He was elected by a clear majority.

All William Martinez did wrong was to rent to the wrong people.  He only arranged the renting of the sea side property to them.  William was also a Century 21 Real Estate Agent.  He would find properties for potential buyers, and for renters, in return for a commission on the sale price or rental income.  Upon election to office, he did not have time to focus on real estate property management.  His activities as a Century 21 Real Estate Agent ceased when he became a congressman.  He was busy serving his people at the San Salvador Civic Center, and with all the demands on his time, he was certainly not able to monitor everything that his tenants and renters were doing hours away.

William rented his boats and a waterside property to some men who gave a plausible story that they were doing fishing, a common industry along the El Salvador coast.  They spoke in detail about how they would cash fish and shrimp in the open sea.  Arias sounded very knowledgeable about fishing.  Of course, they mentioned nothing of drug smuggling, and gave little reason to suspect them of doing anything but fishing.  As a busy public official, William had no time, and no idea what they were really using it for.  They were paying the rent on time, and even improving the property.  It turned out that they were drug smugglers.  When they were caught they tried to get in good with the police by claiming that William was the "king ping" of the group.  

San Salvador desde el aire
It would take about 2 hours at 45 mph to drive approximately 90 miles from William's home or office in San Salvador to the Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) property he managed part-time near the Estuary of Jaltapeque by the sea coast, reachable only by undeveloped roads. A busy public official would rarely have time for such trips, 4 hours round trip, just to keep an eye on his tenants.

If William Martinez knew they were drug smugglers,
he would have reported them and kicked them off the property.

Lack of Sufficient Evidence for William's arrest - Subjective, not Objective

The universe is a field of all possibilities.  Any possibility can be the subject of a false accusation.  Evidence is the key to determining in the Court room what "could have happened" from "what did happen."   Defendants should only be sentenced for what actually happened, based on Objective Evidence.

There was no Objective evidence offered at the trial.  Subjective "evidence" is faulty if there is a Mistaken Witness or False Witness - a Liar.  The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) based its case on the word of the captured drug smugglers who named him as the king pin, in exchange for reduced sentences.  The real king pin was Otto who escaped from a jail in Mexico and has a $5 million dollar reward on his head.  The Government kept William Martinez without a formal charge for years as they gathered evidence.  The evidence should have been gathered first, before ruining this man's political career, life and reputation.

Witness possibilities where A = something OK and B = something Bad

Reliable Witness

Evidence is A
Perceives A
Testifies A

Mistaken Witness

Evidence is A
Perceives B
Testifies B

False Witness - a Liar

Evidence is A
Perceives A
Testifies B

Where's the alleged  $905 million?   William does not have much money, even to hire an attorney.

The authorities accuse William of having millions of dollars, even though they can plainly see that he was not able to afford a private attorney.  Even when facing life in prison.  He was assigned a public defender.  Public Defenders are unfortunately and typically over-worked, with large case loads, for a relatively low pay scale as compared to private attorneys.  They do the best that they can do with the time and resources available.  They are required to divide their time equitably among many defendants, and are not allowed to focus on just one case.  Would William agree to have not paid attorney who could devote many hours on his case, just to put on a show of poverty, risking prison for life?  Or wouldn't he have hired the best attorney money could buy?

The US and El Salvador Governments froze all of William Martinez' assets upon his arrest.  In the two year investigation, they were unable to uncover any evidence of unusual or high funds. Any assets he has have been accountable by his salary as a congressman, and income from rental properties, with nothing suspicious or excessive.  So, if William was supposedly an accomplice to drug smugglers, was he doing it for free?  Very unlikely.

William was a hard working and honest entrepreneur, and owner of the Hotel Royal.  He bought this with his earnings as the owner of an auto body shop.  All his earnings were open, as a politician, and the result of his hard work and intelligent investing.

William Martinez' business card for the Hotel Royal in San Salvador.

Click here for a Chronology of Events
The Wrongful Abduction of William Martinez

an active and honest politician of a US ally
based on the false accusations of drug smugglers.

The DEA arrested first, then gathered evidence later - over a year later.

Even while in jail, William Martinez is still helping others

Word of William's goodness has spread throughout the DC and California Jails, and out to the free world.


Unfair Trial - Kangaroo Court
Prosecution creates Hollywood-like fictional image

The trial in June 2004 was unfair.  William was all alone, and had no witnesses on his behalf.  There were fellow Congressmen, family, friends, supporters, and witnesses in El Salvador willing to come and testify on his behalf, even though it is very expensive to fly from El Salvador to the United States, plus hotel fees.  But his witnesses never knew of the trial date.  No announcement was made.  No effort was made for them to come to the USA. The trial was over before anyone on William's side knew when it was.  It was a one-sided mistrial.

If provided the opportunity the Defense can show that William was not involved in the conspiracy.  He never owned a gun, which the prosecution claims.  No gun was ever found at his home, even after a surprise arrest and thorough search.  He has never owned, attempted to buy, or registered a gun of any kind.  He is a man of peace.

The prosecution tried every trick in the book to make him look like a conspirator.  On the top of all prosecution documents, they put "William Eliu Martinez - also known as Don Williams" to make it sound like Don Corleone, the boss in the movie "The Godfather".  Don is a term of respect used in many countries.  The prosecutors know that Americans know a lot more about Hollywood than they do about other countries.  Most US citizens cannot correctly name the capital cities of the countries in Central America, their neighbors to the south. (Take a quiz.)  So when they see a constant reference to "Don William" it creates an unfair impression and prejudice in the minds of the American jury.

Today, Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC), Steven Lynch (D-MA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY) petition for the release of the 28 page chapter that Bush classified, about who financed 9/11 - which lead to 14 years of lies, loss of Constitutional liberties, and wars.  As it turns out, the 9/11 operation was financed with the assistance of our allies with close ties to the Bush administration. 

The Russians are another group seriously talking about 9/11 Truth.
Pravda is one of their top news organizations, as the New York Times is for the USA.
Russia Today is also very popular in both the USA and Russia.  RS's YouTube news channel was the first news organization in the world to reach 1 Billion subscribers.  Oksana says almost everyone in Russia knows 9/11 was done by the Bush Adminstration and Mossad.

The "Fishermen" were Con Artists

They convinced William Martinez -- that they were fishermen.
Also, they even convinced the DEA -- that they were truth telling witnesses

When Sabas was first arrested by the police he said he would testify against others because he was not paid for his last 2 drug smuggling trips.  Then he changed his story to say that he was testifying against others because he "felt bad" and wanted to do the right thing and turn himself in.  He could have turned himself in years earlier, get a real job, or refuse to participate in drug smuggling.  He stayed in it as long as the money was good.

"Fish story" of Sabas 
including false accusations implicating William Martinez
help a Drug Smuggler to get a Reduced Sentence from 20 down to 4 years

Sabas receives o
nly 4 years of a possible 20 years (Level 38 crime)  in return for testifying against William. 
All charges by the US DEA were dropped.  Plus the US promised to help his family with a US Visa.
His attorneys advise him on how to get the best deal.

Testimony of Sabas David Arias-Martinez June 16, 2005

Unhelpful Appeal Attorney

An attorney was hired to help William get an appeal,
but despite thousands paid, he did not meet with William for more than 1/2 hour.
He argued based on a technicality, rather than the root argument that William is not guilty,
and did not receive a fair trial.  His argument may have been hurtful rather than helpful.

The High Cost of Defense 

Why do prosecutors take the word of smugglers over the word of an honest and hard working congressman of one of our Allies?  Instead of focusing on the them, they focused on William Martinez, a man who is easy to capture.  They took him out of the country, to a jail where he could not call his home country, and froze all his assets.  This prevented him from hiring an attorney.  His family did not know where he was for weeks, and thought he had been kidnapped by the mafia for his strong stance against crime and drugs.  With the passage of time, his real estate interests were severely crippled.  Some tenants stopped paying rent, knowing the property supervisor could do nothing about it.  And then they expect him to be able to pay for an attorney?

American Civil Liberties Union


Supporters of William Martinez include members of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Truth and Justice Foundation

William Martinez was only able to make collect calls within the US from the jail, and asked for help from the Truth and Justice Foundation.  TJF is raising funds to get William Martinez a private lawyer, who may be able to get him a new trial, a fair chance, and prove his innocence.  The Foundation needs to raise money to get a private attorney, and to help organize supporters.  Please call the Truth & Justice Foundation at 703-440-8070 or go to the web site at www.Truth-Justice.org   For information or questions, please email to Support@Truth-Justice.org

William Martinez Freedom Project

New Evidence: Brain wave based technology could help prove that William is innocent

Supporters of William Martinez are raising funds to get Dr. Lawrence Farwell's Brain FingerPrinting technology (BFP) to assist him. Dr. Farwell is a PhD in neuroscience, former faculty member of Harvard University, and the holder of several electro-encephalographic (EEG) patents. 

BFP is based on the principle that there is a unique and measurable physiological reaction to visual or verbal stimuli that is recognized by the brain, as compared to random or unrecognized stimuli.  This response cannot be controlled, trained, or faked.  It occurs within milliseconds, with no time for the subject to determine which response would be favorable to him.  It is widely referred to in the scientific community as the p300 response.

This technology has proved so accurate, and brain wave responses so uncontrollable, that it has become admissible as evidence as in court cases.  By comparison, the polygraph is not admissible.  His technology has been featured positively on CBS 60 Minutes, New Detectives, NBC, ABC, and other Court related documentaries.  It has helped to convict a serial killer as well as free a man wrongfully imprisoned for over 24 years.   At at test conducted at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Brain Fingerprinting proved 100% accurate in identifying from a group of 25 who were FBI agents, and who were regular citizens, based .solely on their brain wave responses to scenes and terminology that FBI agents would know from their training.   Senator Charles Grassley has encouraged its use.

William Martinez is very willing to take any examination that will determine his guilt or innocence including:
the polygraph, voice stress analyzer, DNA fingerprinting, standard fingerprinting, and Brain Fingerprinting

We seek the opportunity for William Martinez to take a BFP Examination
and to present the results in a Court of Law

EEG Based Brain Fingerprinting

Brain Scan MRI Technology Available
Brain Activity Patterns Can Help William Prove His Innocence
And Prove that the Prosecution's Witness was Lying

Evidence does not lie - But people sometimes do
That's why court trials should be based on EVIDENCE

Standard Fingerprinting?

DNA Fingerprinting?

Any Physical Evidence at all?

This is the day of Scientific Forensic Evidence
such as is often seen on Court TV.
But, there was no such evidence offered by the prosecution,
only ancient and fallible liar testimony

Free William Martinez

William Martinez alone, in another country, with no money to bring in witnesses to speak on his behalf, defends himself, alone against the great resources of the US, the most powerful country on earth, who could easily pay the expenses to fly their witnesses in to Washington DC.

It was an unfair trial, with only one side able to bring witnesses. 

There was no physical evidence offered.

Evidence does not lie, but people sometimes do.

Judge Mihm Grants Motion for New Attorney

The Honorable Judge Michael M. Mihm granted the motion for a new attorney at the U.S. District Court on October 27, 2005.  This is an unusual request, at such a late phase as the sentencing hearing.  This was the first time, in Judge Mihm's long experience serving as a judge, that he has granted such a request.  So there must have been a good and logical reason.

Public Defender Shawn Moore graciously agreed to the request, and stepped down as William Martinez' attorney.  Public defenders have a large public case load, and are required to distribute their time equitably among hundreds of defendants.  This decision provides William Martinez, and supporters, some time to raise funds, and find an attorney who specializes in this type of case, and can make this case a top priority.

A private attorney, will therefore be able to focus more time on William's case.   The world may soon know of William's innocence, in the light of new evidence, not available before his June 2005 trial.

To help pay for the costs a new attorney for William Martinez
please donate for this purpose through the Truth & Justice Foundation

How Can You Help?

1. Pray

2. Spread the Word
Download and display a poster

3. Write Your Congressman
Enact legislation to limit the use of liars and criminals
as prosecution witnesses on the side of the Government.
Punish, not reward, those who lie in court under oath.
Emphasize scientific evidence, not subjective testimony, in court.

4. Send your letters of support to


William Martinez
Federal Correctional Institution
1507 East Whatley
Oakdale, LA  71463

Alexandria International Airport (AEX)


Note: letters must not contain money or anything except paper

5. Support the William Martinez Freedom Fund

1. Main Purpose: Hire a private attorney for William
2. Pay for Court Transcripts for attorney to use
3. Hire a private investigator to gather facts and exculpatory evidence
4. Travel expenses to bring witnesses from El Salvador on William's behalf
5. Admissible truth detection examinations and forensics evidence testing
Full disclosure on disbursements approved by the Board of Directors

Price: $ 1.00 Quantity:

William Martinez Freedom Fund

Credit cards, electronic checks and Bitcoins accepted
Or please send check to PO Box 2816, Washington DC  22202

You can donate any amount at the BitCoin address


If you would like your donation to be anonymous, please specify in the "Payment For:"  box

Fund Raising Ideas

Bake sale

Car Wash

Flower Sale


Open letter from William Martinez to
El Presidente Elías Antonio Saca

Great men of various races have been prisoners and got out to accomplish great things.

Abraham Lincoln - in jail one day for firing pistol in camp when Captain

Martin Luther King - jailed several times during peaceful civil rights demonstrations and marches

Mahatma Gandhi -  spent 2,338 days in jail (6.4 years) during his life-time of peaceful protest

William Martinez will be found innocent, released, and continue his good works for mankind.


News Articles about the Case

Eli pide nuevo defensor al presidente Saca 
Luisa Montero/Adriana Valle, November 10, 2005

Drug Sentence Delayed After Attorney Faulted (The Washington Post)
By Karlyn Barker, Page B04, October 28, 2005

Delayed Sentence granted to ex politician Eliú Martinez   translation
Luisa Montero, LaPrensa www.LaPrensa.com.SV,  Nació
n, October 28, 2005

Ex-Salvadoran Official Convicted - Man Aided Drug Ring, Jury Finds
by Petula DvorakWashington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, June 28, 2005; Page A11

Ex-Official Accused in Drug Scheme
by Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post Staff Writer, Saturday, June 25, 2005; Page B02

Academic Certificates and Diplomas of William Martinez - An excellent student

Martinez Family Photos - A loving grand son and family man

Closed Sessions of Court - Why all the secrecy, and keeping out the Press?

Brain Fingerprinting - Can it free William Martinez?

Where is William Martinez Being Kept?

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America has more people in jail than any other country
2.1 Million Americans are in prison at any given time
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Transcendental Stress Management meditation

The Honorable Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri

San Salvador, capital of El Salvador - Central America's 2nd largest city

Hotel Royal, San Salvador

El Salvador On Line - information

DEA Press Release (PDF)

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National Anthem of El Salvador

National Anthem of El Salvador version 2

San Salvador, El Salvador

"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
Against Thy Neighbor"

The Ten Commandments
A foundation of the US Justice System

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