Martinez Family Photos

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This picture was taken in 1987.  William's mother is in the grey dress, surrounded by all of her children. 


Martinez family at William's mother's 80th birthday, at her house sitting on the left of the couch in Texas.  William is on the floor on the left, with his 2 daughters.  The third picture was also during my grandmother's 80th birthday.  She was surprised to see all her children on her birthday especially because William flew in from El Salvador. 

William's mother hugs her son

William's Body Shop in the mid 1980's, working on a customer's Rolls Royce. William is sitting in the middle, with his brother Moises Pleitez, his business partner, in the blue shirt.


The 3rd picture (or rather Eliu 7 jpg.) was taken when my uncle graduated from college.  My great aunt is beside him on behalf of my grandmother; due to the fact that in this time my grandmother was in New York. 


(Picture coming soon)