Where is William Martinez Being Kept?

Washington DC Jail - Corrections Corporation of America's
Correctional Treatment Facility

Why Should Such a Good Man be in the DC Jail?

U.S. District Court

For trials and hearings

DC Jail

For short term or
relatively high risk prisoners
 Orange Uniforms


For long term and
relatively low risk prisoners
 Blue uniforms

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333 Constitution Avenue, N.W

1901 D Street, S.E.

CTF Exterior
1901 E Street, S.E.

U.S. District Court
This is where William had his hearings

DC Jail is run by the DC Government.
This is where William originally arrived.

This is a private contractor to the DC Government.
This is where William Martinez had been mostly..

Route from the Court House to the DC Jail
Map from MapQuest.com

RFK Football Stadium, DC Hospital, DC Jail
Photos from NASA Worldwind

Please write to:

William Martinez
DC #298822
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 E Street, S.E.
Washington, DC  20003

What is CTF?

Corrections Corporation of America
Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF)

New York Stock Exchange: CXW

"More Prisoners = More Profit"

Fixed expenses - constant: facility, staff, guards, utilities
Variable expenses - small: food (about $2 per day per prisoner)

As with a hotel,
the business incentive is to fill all the rooms.
There is little incentive to rehabilitate future "customers"
who may commit crimes and come back in the future.

Outsourcing jails to private corporations - a growing field and lucrative investment

CCA is a lobbyist for "get tough on crime" policies
that encourage maximum use of its jails, to put people
in even for minor misdemeanors and first time offenses.

CCA has no financial incentive to correct
or rehabilitate prisoners.  They have "for show"
computer training classrooms, but rarely allow the
inmates to use them, except for photo opportunities.