William Martinez Freedom Fund

All funds to strictly for the purpose of getting justice and freedom for William Martinez
as approved by the Board of Directors

"Justice in America goes to those who can pay for it."

1. Main Purpose: Hire a private attorney for William
2. Pay for Court Transcripts for attorney to use
3. Hire a private investigator to gather facts and exculpatory evidence
4. Travel expenses to bring witnesses from El Salvador on William's behalf
5. Admissible truth detection examinations and forensics evidence testing
Full disclosure on all disbursements


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William Martinez Freedom Fund

Credit cards, electronic checks accepted
Or please send check to PO Box 100411, Washington DC 22210

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Full Disclosure of Disbursements

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Date Type From Name/Email Status Details   Amount ($) Fee Net
 Nov. 26, 2005  Payment  From  Anonymous  Completed Details   $10.00 USD  -$0.30 USD  $9.70 USD 
 Nov. 21, 2005  Payment  From  Melanie Gonzalez  Completed Details    $170.00 USD  -$5.23 USD  $164.77 USD 
 Nov. 11, 2005  Payment  From  ENA SOVERO  Completed Details    $100.00 USD  -$3.20 USD  $96.80 USD 
 Nov. 4, 2005  Payment  From  CICorporation  Completed Details   $200.00 USD  -$6.00 USD  $194.00 USD 


Disbursements to date

Expense Amount Target date

Approved and Paid

Web site setup plus $8/month $35 2005-10-20
Initial investigation for Truth & Justice Foundation $100.00 2005-10-27
Prepare Motion for new attorney to replace Mr. Moore
Robert Stone, Esq.
$50.00 2005-10-27
Pick up transcripts - courier $7.00 2005-11-03
Copy top 10 major pages $1.00 2005-11-03
DC Bar Association Lawyer Referral Fee $40.00 2005-11-03

Planned Expenses

Expense Estimate Target date Approved by Board
Full Court Transcripts in electronic form $3000 ASAP
New Attorney fee $25,000 ASAP
Brain Fingerprinting Exam $3000 ASAP
Copying and scanning expenses $20 as needed
Improve web site design and usability $100 as needed